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  • Are ODL Add-On Blinds easy to install?

    Yes. These blinds are designed for quick and easy installation. Click here for an installation video or Click here for more information.

  • How do I select the correct size?

    Measure the outside glass frame dimensions on your steel or fiberglass, raised-frame door and select the correct size. Click here for more information.

  • Are custom sizes available?

    Custom sizes are not available. However, ODL Add-On Blinds are designed to fit standard half-view and full-view door windows.

  • Can the frames of the ODL Add-On Blind be painted?

    Yes, the frame is easily painted with acrylic latex enamel.

  • How can I clean the glass on my ODL Add-On Blinds?

    You may want to take the treatment down once a year to clean the glass; simply unlatch the clips (pivot outwards) to remove.

  • Are these products also available at retail?

    Yes, Click Here to visit our store locator & find a retailer near you.

  • Do ODL Add-On Blinds come with a warranty?
    How do I make a claim?

    Yes. ODL Add-On Blinds feature a 5-year warranty. Any claims should be submitted in writing and mailed to:

    ODL, Inc.
    Attn: Warranty Claims
    215 East Roosevelt
    Zeeland MI 49464
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