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  • "This was a wonderful upgrade for an exterior door in a den/TV room. We added window treatments on all the windows in this room to control light and glare, but the exterior door, with full length light was a problem until we discovered the Doorglass Blinds. Easy to install and works very well. A great addition, good value and highly recommended." - Happycustomer
  • "This product is SUPER EASY to install and works perfectly! The operation is smooth, effortless and so secure. A great way to add privacy or control light, super functional. A great product that I highly recommend." - BassGuy
  • "Since installed, this product has worked perfectly. Great design. Easy install & wonderful features gives this product an A+." - Reed15
  • "This product is not only easy to install, it is trouble free, stays clean and is child and pet proof. We put a standard blind on our back door and within two days it was busted. So back to the store to get the ODL window treatment. We have been advising all our friends and customers to do the same and they have been just as pleased as we have. It is great to be able to get such a simple product to do such a wonderful job and look good too. And the best part is all you have to do is clean the glass. No dust or finger prints on the blinds. And your pets can’t get to them either. Just wipe off the glass." - Ed002
  • "The first took about 20 minutes, the second less than 10. Excellent value. Easy to operate and gives an excellent look to that area. I wish we had more doors that needed it!" - Tony324
  • "We couldn’t be more pleased with our add on DIY blinds. We wanted clear glass on our front and back doors but privacy as well. The doors with the built-in blinds were not cost effective as we were afraid they might not last. The Add-ons were just the answer. Easy to install and they do the job." - Paso64
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